Nifty Accessories NIFTY-D-STAR-BOOK

Nifty Accessories NIFTY-D-STAR-BOOK

E-Z Guide to D-STAR Book

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Ideal reference for those getting into D-STAR. Straight forward and simple explanations. Written for both beginning & experienced D-STAR users. Routing calls using the D-STAR network. Local and remote repeater operation. Linking to D-STAR Reflectors. Using call sign memories to make calls. Programming radios for D-STAR operation. Making use of short text messaging. Text and data file transmissions. Using a computer and a DV dongle. Finding and accessing D-Star repeaters. Informative computer screen photos. Packed with useful information. Clear and easy to read. Paperback cover, printed on 24 lb paper. Size: 135, 5.5 x 8.5 inch pages. Indispensable. ISBN 978-1442141980
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