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Coax Wrap Roll - Black - 1 Inch Wide by 10 Feet Long

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Self-Fusing with No Adhesive • Withstands Exposure • Easy Application and Removal

CoaxWrap™ is a super flexible silicone tape that does not have any glue or adhesive; it simply sticks to itself.

CoaxWrap™ insulates up to 8000 Volts, will not melt up to 500ºF (260ºC), and resists UV damage and weathering.

The characteristics of CoaxWrap™ make it excellent for wrapping cable, connections and wire to create an air and water tight seal. After application, it can be removed several years later leaving a clean connector joint with no sticky residue.

Self Fusing: Sticks/Bonds only to itself.

No Adhesive: Leaves no residue.

Stretches up to 300%: Conforms to irregular shapes

Withstands Exposure: Wont melt up to 500F (260C), stays flexible to -60F (-50C), forms an air and water tight seal, protects against corrosion, insulates to 8000 volts, and is resistant to UV breakdown.

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