RemoteRig 1258-N
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RemoteRig 1258-N

1258-N WiFi Interface for RRC-1258 / All Versions - Needs Antenna - Purchase 1258-ANT5

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All versions of the RRC-1258, RRC-1258MkII etc. can be equipped with a internal WiFi Interface. A WiFi interface is convenient when you want to connect the RRC:s to a WiFi network both at home or when traveling.. You do not need any extra cables or boxes. For the Control-RRC the main reason to use WiFi might be the portability, and for the Radio-RRC to physically separate the RRC from the telephone/DSL line which is the most common route for lightning storms to hit the RRC and the Radio.

The WiFi Interface is mounted on the pinheader P3 in the RRC-box. RRC-boxes produced from summer 2012 has the pin header in place from production and no soldering is needed. The pin header are included with the WiFi Interface in case you need it.

Not supplied with antenna. If you need one, please order 1258-ANT5 here

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WiFi Antenna - 2.4 to 2.5 GHz - 5 dBi Gain - 6.7 Inches Long