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MFJ MFJ-5008

MFJ MFJ-5008

Ultrasonic Receiver/Detector with 18 Inch Parabolic Reflector Dish

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Many times the noise is coming just outside your doorway, from the power lines. Power companies are usually very willing to help out with noise issues, but not all companies in this age of financial limitations will have the necessary equipment or trained personnel to properly locate nearby noise sources. MFJ-5008 aids you in locating the noise sources generated by corona discharge and arcing components on the power system. This device is an acoustic receiver tuned to the ultrasonic range of 40 kHz allowing you to hear the ultrasonic noise generated by the corona discharge and arcing connections that generate the power line static on your radio. Not only can you use the MFJ-5008 to find power line noise sources, you can also listen to a wide range of nature sounds! In the ultrasonic range bats, birds, and insects can easily be heard. MFJ-5008 can give you a whole new perspective on the wildlife around you. It can also help locate mechanical noise sources in the ultrasonic range. Measures 20 1/2W x 19 1/2H x 7D inches. Weighs just 2.5 pounds.
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