Scanner Master ARC536 PRO Software CD

Scanner Master ARC536 PRO Software CD

Programming Software CD for Uniden Bearcat BCD-436HP / BCD-536HP

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Important Information: because of issues with the reliability of USB/serial port on the 436/536 scanners ARC536PRO must be used with the BCD536HP GPS/remote rear port or the BCD436HP GPS port for reliable virtual control. The use of the front/usb port is the users risk and may not work reliably. This is beyond our control. See software manual for details.

The Uniden BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanner comes with software but the included software has lots of limitations and the favorites editor to create new systems in Sentinel is very limited. ARC536 solves this problem with a true excel style editor!

With the ARC536 software you expand the functionality of your Uniden BCD436HP and BCD536HP:

  • True Excel style editor with cut/copy/paste options
  • Add any frequency or talkgroup that is not in the built-in database
  • Add/Modify a control channel frequency
  • Add a trunk system that is not in the built-in database
  • Add Nascar and other race frequencies
  • Add Service Searches to your BCDx36HP (many Service Search files are included with ARC536)
  • Easily share you favorite hpd files with other BCD436/BCD536/HomePatrol users.
  • Change Alpha tags
  • Change or add subtones
  • Add Airband, CB, Marine, Railroad, FRS and GMRS frequencies
  • Change the service type of frequencies and/or talkgroups
  • Search a frequency range
  • Re-order or Rename favorite lists
  • 'Bulk' edit channel parameters
  • 'Bulk' Edit Database files so you can change delay and alert setting in the database.
  • ARC536 includes the most versatile and most feature rich editor available on the market.
  • ARC536 combines the best of 2 worlds! With ARC536 you can directly access (*) the Database and import trunk and conventional systems directly into your BCDx36HP scanner.
  • ARC536PRO has a Built-in RadioReference frequency search (requires additional subscription)
  • Copy/paste departments between systems, building new favorite systems was never this easy!
  • Extra options in ARC536PRO :

  • Full Virtual Control with built-in RadioReference frequency search
  • Scan and search buttons
  • History Logging
  • Log close call hits Other features in ARC536
  • Lifetime free updates for registered users ARC536 is not a replacement for the Uniden Sentinel software. Sentinel is used to update firmware and the database in the HP-1. ARC536 is the preferred software tool to manage your favorites. ARC536PRO also adds virtual control and logging!

    System requirements:

    Windows XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, minimum 1024x800 video, 512 RAM.
    Uniden BCD536HP or BCD436HP using USB cable (supplied with scanner).
    Virtual control (ARC536PRO only) requires an additional connection to the GPS/serial port.

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