MFJ MFJ-9296

MFJ MFJ-9296

6 Band QRP Travel Radio - 3.5 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 18 / 21 MHz - 80 through 15 Meters - 5 Watts CW - BNC

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Frequency Control: DDS, 60-MHz reference frequency
Tuning Step: 100-Hz, 1-kHz, and 100-kHz
RIT Step: 10-Hz
VFO Memories: 8 per band
VFO Display: LCD, 802-pixel, switched backlight
VFO Display Frequency Resolution: 100-Hz, 10-Hz with RIT activated
Operating Modes: Transmit - A1 (CW), Receive - A1, A3J (LSB or USB)
CW Offset: ~700 Hz
T/R Switching: Full QSK 
Frequency Coverage, MHz:

Receive: 3.2-4.9
Transmit: 3.5-4.0

Receive: 5.9-7.5
Transmit: 7.0-7.3

Receive: 9.4-12.1
Transmit: 10.1-10.15

Receive: 13.5-15.8
Transmit: 14.0-14.35

Receive: 17.4-19.1
Transmit: 18.068-18.168

Receive: 18.5-22.0
Transmit: 21.0-21.45

Receiver MDS: 0.1-uV, all bands
AGC Threshold: 3 to 5-uV, all bands
Bandwidth: Selectable, 600-Hz CW, 2.5-Hz SSB
Audio Output: 100-mW, 8-Ohm load, stereo plug
Receiver Current Drain: ~40-mA no backlight, ~80 mA with backlight
Transmitter Keying: Iambic automatic, straight-key sensing, CQ memory
Speed Range: 3-45 WPM
Transmitter Power: 5-W or better, all bands, at 12.6 Volts
Harmonic and spur suppression: -50 dB or better, all operating voltages
Typical Transmit Current: 0.9-A at 10-V, 1.2-A at 14-V
Supply Voltage: 8-15 VDC at 1.5A
Dimensions: 4.8"x3.15"x1.34", 120x80x34-mm 
Weight: 7.4 oz, 200 gm

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