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Eton Elite Traveler

Eton Elite Traveler

AM / FM / Longwave / Shortwave Portable Radio

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Catch the wave

The Etón Traveler III receives every radio wavelength AM(MW), FM, Longwave (LW) and Shortwave (SW) at home or abroad. And it’s easy to set the station spacing and frequency so your stations come in loud and clear wherever you are. The Go Anywhere, Hear Everything AM/FM/LW and Shortwave Radio 

Get tuned in

Manual, auto, by memory or ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) no matter how you tune in, you’ll see your selected station in high-contrast, bright orange on the LCD display. When you want to tune in solo, just plug in your favorite headphones. 

FYI, it’s got RDS

The Traveler III  radio features RDS for FM. RDS stands for Radio Data System and it enables FM broadcasters to deliver more than just an analog audio signal, but also to transmit digital data, like the station’s call letters, style of music, song title, artist and more. Nice. 

Now hear this

When listening to AM stations, simply rotate the radio for the best reception, thanks to the internal antenna. For enhanced FM and SW reception, simply pull up the telescoping antenna. 

Wake up

With local and world time settings, radio and buzzer alarm clock settings, sleep timer and snooze light, the Etón Traveler III keeps you in time in any time zone. It even displays the temperature to help you prepare for the day. And if you want to prevent the radio or alarm from turning on all together, just hit Lock. 

Get powered up

Use 4 AA batteries or plug a 6 Volt AC adaptor into the DC jack (sold separately).

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