Radio Oasis, LLC NVIS

Radio Oasis, LLC NVIS

Near Vertical Incident Skywave - EZ NVIS Antenna 3.5 / 5 / 7 MHz Bands

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The EZ NVIS is ready to deploy NVIS antenna based on an article by Carl Jelnick, N6VNG (SK). He based his design on the AS-2259/GR a miltary, dual band NVIS antenna set. The antenna comes with a center support and the four assembled and marked antenna elements. You need to add rope, coax and an appropriate mast. The antenna is constructed from soft drawn 14 gauge insulated wire, weighs 5 lbs and fits in a 1 gal zip bag.

This is NOT a DX antenna. It is an ideal antenna for tactical HF communications for 75/60/40 meters. It also makes a good Field Day antenna for "gap filling" close in stations on 75 & 40 meters. It's also useful in deep canyons, dense foliage, behind obstructions or for communications with close stations just out of ground wave range.

To deploy the antenna roll out the 4 elements. The two longer legs have Black End Insulators. Add rope so that the combined length of each leg is 45'. Attach coax to the center support and connect to a tuner. Raise the center insulator to a height of 12-15'. That's it!
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