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Handie Talkie Single Sided Headset For Icom Radios

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The new Handi Talkie Headset (HTH), from Heil Sound, is a single-sided, lightweight headset designed for use with popular handheld transceivers found in the amateur radio industry. The HTH provides hands free and discreet two-way communication while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended use in moderate noise environments. It features a left or right ear adaptable earpiece and an in-line Push-to-Talk switch.

The HTH is being introduced with pin-outs for three handi talkies - iCom, Yaesu, and Kenwood/Baofeng - and plans are underway to offer additional models.

HTH-I: Works with 2-pin Icom
HTH-Y: Works with TRRS Yaesu/Vertex
HTH-K: Works with 2-pin Kenwood/Baofeng

ID-51/ID-31 Technical Note
Using the HTH-I directly with the ID-51 is possible and in some cases a small O-Ring will need to be removed from the MIC connector in order for the HTH-I to seat on the radio properly. However when this O-Ring is removed the radio no longer is IPX-7 rated and water could intrude via the connector.

In order to use the HTH-I and maintain IPX-7 the IC-OPC-2144 must be used without any internal O-Ring removal.
UPC: 810100411749

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