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SSB-Electronic GmbH 9300

SSB-Electronic GmbH 9300

Perseus SDR 10 kHz to 30 MHz Direct Sampling HF Receiver

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P E R S E U S is a Software Defined Radio covering a frequency range of 10 kHz to 30 MHz.  (Up to 40 MHz. with reduced sensitivity.)  Unlike previous technology, signal demodulation and processing is performed entirely in the digital realm.

PERSEUS features direct digital sampling conversion using a 14 bit 80 MS/s analog-to-digital converter, a high-performance FPGA based digital down-converter and a high speed 480 Mbit/s USB 2.0 PC interface.

PERSEUS sets an unmatched standard in HF Receiver performance and includes features that will satisfy the most demanding user.  Up to 1600 kHz of RF spectrum can be visually monitored in real time.  In addition, its direct digital recording feature allows the user to store up to 1600 kHz. of radio spectrum for later signal analysis, playback, and manipulation.  Imagine being able to go back in time, hours even days, and tune through the recorded spectrum as if it was happening in real time.

PERSEUS shatters the price/performance barrier with its outstanding specifications. With a sensitivity of -131 dBm (BW 500 Hz. CW), you can hear the grass grow!  With a dynamic range of >100 dB (BW 500 Hz CW)  and a 3rd order IP of +31 dB, even the strongest signals are no match for PERSEUS’s ability to allow you to hear the weak ones in a pile up. 

Fully scaleable mode tailored bandwidths with steep skirted filters, carefully designed signal demodulation including synchronous detection as well as LAB GRADE spectrum analysis features with a Resolution BW down to 0.4 Hz. makes PERSEUS the clear choice in high performance HF-Receivers. 

Impressed so far? There’s even more! 

We didn’t mention: Upgradeable software as new features are added, the integration of 9 six pole front-end bandpass filters to further prevent overload of the A/D converter, a selectable 10, 20 or 30 dB 3 step attenuator plus a switchable ultra linear low noise preamplifier. In addition, the Perseus incorporates: a selectable Wide Band or Narrow Band Noise Blanker, Selectable AGC - (Off, Slow, Medium, Fast), Spike Reduction, Variable Noise Reduction feature plus an extremely accurate S-meter selectable between Peak or RMS.

PERSEUS offers a new horizon to SWL’s, HAM Radio operators as well as Government Agencies.Importable frequency lists such as HFCC, EiBi as well as user defined lists are supported.