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MFJ MFJ-5005

MFJ MFJ-5005

Doppler Direction Finder w/GPS, VHF/UHF

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Quickly find hidden transmitters on a fox hunt or just trying to find transmissions from 100 to 1000 MHz. MFJ-5005 is a very economical but very sophisticated Doppler Direction Finder with GPS. Connect a PC or laptop to position and draw plots on GoogleEarth display window accompanied with Navi 2020 plotting program. The large LED display shows the signal in numerical degrees and also on the 36-LED circular ring. Set-up is super easy! Connect it to the cigarette lighter and an HT with the supplied cables. Connect the antenna control cable, put the antennas on top of your vehicle roof and you’re ready to roll! Completely assembled. Package includes mobile mounting bracket, four magnet mount bases with BNC connector, GPS antenna, cigarette lighter power cable, audio cable and software. Receiver size is 7 1/4W x 2 1/8H x 5D
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