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Mini Mobile HF Stick - 17-Meter - 36 Inches Tall

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Short Mobile HF whips

MFJ Short HF Mobile Whip Antennas are designed to let you mount an HF antenna with just a 5-inch magnet mount.

No need to drill holes or make special hard mounts on your car to get on HF! Put on a magnet mount or trunk lip mount and you are ready to go HF mobile!

These are super low profile and makes it easy to go in and out of your garage.

Constructed like the MFJ HamTenna series but stand only 36 inches tall. Collapsible to 25 inches for easy storage. Thin, lightweight with low wind resistance.

Uses 3/8-24 connector on a 5-inch magnet or trunk lip mount.

Adjustable stainless-steel whip for minimum SWR.

Short, mobile HF whips handle 250 Watts PEP.

Mount not included.

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