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ABR Industries LLC 24600-PL-75

ABR Industries LLC 24600-PL-75

75ft LMR-600 Type w/PL259 WP-HST Both Ends

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  • Flexible alternative to ½” Hardline (Helix©)
  • UV Resistant, Direct Burial, Polyethylene Black Jacket.
  • Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Dielectric VP: 87%
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Overall Diameter: .590?

Nominal Attenuation-per 100ft/Power Rating(kW)/Efficiently%

  • 0.5dB @ 50MHz/4.24kW/88.2% E.
  • 1.0dB @ 150MHz/2.41kW/80.1% E.
  • 1.7dB @ 450MHz/1.35kW/67.3% E.
  • 2.5dB @ 900MHz/0.93kW/56.2% E.

ABR 24600 is a low loss high-performance cable. An alternative to CommScope® WBC-600, Andrew® CNT-600 coax cable, Belden®, TerraWave TWS-600 and Times Microwave Systems® LMR-600.
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