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Nifty Accessories NIFTY DS-WB-UNIV

Nifty Accessories NIFTY DS-WB-UNIV

Nifty Wire Bale Desk Stand

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Our Universal Wire Bale Stand can be used with any radio equipped with a foldable wire stand, providing an ideal angle for viewing the display and working the controls. Very simple to use, just place the radio’s wire stand into one of the three different wire cradles to select your optimum tilt angle.

This unique stand has been designed to support radios equipped with a folding wire stand at a more convenient operating and viewing angle than can be obtained using the folding wire stand by itself.

Can be used with any radio having a foldable wire stand, including the FT-991, IC-7300, IC-7000, IC-718, TS-2000, TS-590, K3, K3S, DX-SR8T and many others.

  • Improves control panel visibility
  • Designed to fit any radio that has a foldable wire stand
  • Provides a comfortable angle for viewing the screen and using the controls
  • Select your optimum tilt angle using one of three tilt angles
  • Made of a heavy duty polycarbonate
  • Beautiful gloss black finish
  • 1.8 inches high, by 2.7 inches deep and 4 inches wide
  • Four anti-skid rubber feet

Radio not included.

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