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Davis RF RG-213 Davis RF

Davis RF RG-213 Davis RF

RG-213 50 Ohm - 7 Stranded No. 13 Conductor Coax - Black PVC IIA Jacket .405" OD Per Foot

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Part Number: RG213

Description: 50 Ohm Coax, Black PVC IIA Jacket

Physical Characteristics:

Center Conductor: 13 AWG 7 x .0296" Bare Copper, .089" nom OD

Dielectric Layer: .098" Solid Polyethylene, .285" nom OD

Shield Type: Bare Copper Braid, 96% coverage OD over shield: .315" nom

Jacket: Black PVC Type IIA (Non-contaminating), .405" nom OD

Print Legend: Jet Printed in White Ink as follows: Exxxxx 13 AWG RU AWM 1354 60C -- RG 213 IIA DAVIS RF / DIV OF ORION WIRE -- MADE IN USA (Where Exxxxx is replaced with factory ID number.)

Temperature Rating: -20C to +80C (limited to +60C if used in accordance wthl UL AWM 1354)

Min Bend Radius: 4"

Cable Weight: 100 lbs / 1,000 ft nominal

Max Pulling Tension: 190 lbs

Agency Approvals: UL AWM Style 1354

RoHS Compliant: Yes (2002/95/EC)

Electrical Characteristics:

Impedance: 50 Ohms nom.

Capacitance: 30.8 pF/FT nom.

Velocity of Propagation: 66% nom

Operating Voltage: 150 Vrms (30 Vrms if used in accordance with UL AWM 1354)

Maximum Voltage Capacity: 3700 Vrms


10MHz - 0.6 dB/100 FT

50MHz - 1.5 dB/100 FT

100MHz - 2.1 dB/100 FT

200MHz - 3.0 dB/100 FT

400MHz - 4.8 dB/100 FT

700MHz - 6.5 dB/100 FT

1,000MHz - 8.2 dB/100 FT

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