Internet Labs DV-AP 125cm (220MHz)

Internet Labs DV-AP 125cm (220MHz)

222 - 225 MHz D Star DV Access Point

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The DVAP, produced by INet Labs who brought you the DV Dongle, is similar to many of the homebrew D-STAR Hotspots.

The device is used for simplex operations, but it does connect to the gateway. The DVAP plugs into your Windows or MAC OS X computers via the computer's USB port and uses the internet connection to communicate with the D-STAR gateway. The DVAP has a very low-power signal at only about 10 mW. It’s similar to the functionality of a simplex Echolink link node. The device’s 10 mW signal on the 222 MHz band is intended to reach only a few hundred feet, but it allows you to use your D-STAR HT away from the computer around your house or around your neighborhood at low power.
Covers 222-225 MHz

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