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Xtronic Corporation XDC-4SO

Xtronic Corporation XDC-4SO

44dB 1-60 Mhz 3000 Watt Directional Coupler - SO-239 Female Connectors

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Frequency: 1 - 60 Mhz
Power: 3,000 Watts PEP
Coupling: 44db +/- 1db
Insertion Loss: 0.04db
Return Loss: 30db
Directivity: 35db


Source/Load - SO-239 Female
Forward/Reflected - SMA Female


  • Feedback For Linearization
  • Power Measurement
  • VSWR
  • RF Sampling

There Are 2 Sample Ports:

  • The Forward port is for PureSignal/predistortion/linearization spectrum analyzer scope ect.
  • The Reflected port is useful for SWR measurements, sweeping antennas, ect.
  • Includes 1 XDL-50SMA 50 ohm dummy load for the reflected port if not used


** For higher power stations, Additional 10dB and 20dB inline SMA attenuators are available for $10.95 each. - See Accessory Listing Below
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