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LOOP FED YAGI, 2M 12 EL ARRAY, 5KW - Plus Freight!

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LFA-2M12EL Description     Hide

The Loop Fed Array is a recent development by Justin Johnson, GØKSC, yielding high performance thanks to its high gain and excellent suppression of side and back lobes in all planes. Specifications: Gain: 15.79 dBi @ 144.100 MHz F/B Radio: 30.52 dB @ 144.100 MHz Power Rating: 3 kW (Limited only by Coax used) SWR: < 1.1:1 from 143.7 - 145.9 MHz Boom Length: 23 Feet Weight: 9.75 lb. Turning Radius: 11.7 Feet Wind Loading: 1.64 Sq. Ft. Wind Survival: 109 MPH** Stacking Distance: 7-10 Ft. Horizontal or Vertical 2-Stack Gain (V): 18.56 dBi @ 144.3 MHz 2-Stack Gain (H): 18.51 dBi @ 14.3 MHz 4-Stack Gain (H): 21.74 dBi@144. MHz Sky Temperature: 221.0K @ 144.1 MHz G/T Figure: -1.70 dB @ 144.1 MHz ** Other options available if higher wind survival capability is required.
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