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SyntheticTextiles (STI) ST-3/32-3000

SyntheticTextiles (STI) ST-3/32-3000

3/32 Inch Dacron Antenna Rope - 3000 Foot Roll

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Breaking strength 260 pounds

Synthetic Textile Industries Double-braided Polyester Antenna Support Rope was originally developed and manufactured at the constant urging of a local Ham radio operator. His years of expertise in amateur radio equipment, combined with ours in braiding various fiber, inspired the development of this special double-braided rope to fit the needs of amateur radio operators.

Synthetic Textile Industries Double-braided Polyester ropes are not weakened by decay or mildew and provide excellent resistance to abrasion. The color sealed black polyester yarn used in the braided jacket also protects the cord from ultra-violet light.

Synthetic Textile Industries Antenna Support Rope is perfect for supporting your wire and vertical antennas, but please not that support rope should NOT be used for tower guying.

This Superior Antenna Support Ropes is available in several sizes and spool lengths, so make sure you have it on hand for your next antenna project!
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