ZUM Radio ZUMspot Pi Board

ZUM Radio ZUMspot Pi Board

ZUMspot RPi UHF Hotspot Board - Requires Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W

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Over the past few weeks quite a bit of change has occurred with the folks at Zumspot. Zumspot was comprised of two (2) talented individuals, one designer and one manufacturing specialist.  Effective early this week the manufacturing specialist has left the organization. The original designer of Zumspot has now taken over both design and manufacturing responsibilities.

Any information regarding the termination of Zumspot’s relationship with HRO is incorrect and not factual. That information was released by the former manufacturing specialist of Zumspot which is no longer working for Zumspot.

Dozens of Zumspot boards and Pi Zero units have been moved from the former manufacturing individual (in Canada) to the original designer (in America). The designer will be feverishly getting the boards and kits together to get them to HRO as soon as possible. We expect product by the end of April if not sooner.

Further, the designer is working closely with a new manufacturing facility to bring production back in line with demand. We at HRO have been watching this change closely and have decided to place Zumspot back online but not available for purchase until such a time as we have full confidence that the designer can produce quantities commensurate with demand.

HRO will not take orders for any product that we are unsure we can provide. This step is to be certain, before we take further orders, that new manufacturing can be done properly. As soon as we are comfortable with this process, we will bring the Zumspot back online for sale via our website and our stores.

Any customer that wishes to cancel their respective back order may do so by calling your local store. We will immediately refund any customer not willing to wait on this process to be completed.

Currently HRO is in a temporary Production Hold on further sales of this product at this time

You may direct questions regarding this matter to Steve Gilmore – National Sales Manager of HRO.


The ZUMspot RPi is an advanced radio module board.
Paired with a Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W (Required But Not Included) and the MMDVM software becomes a small and efficient multi-mode digital hotspot.

ZUMspot Board Features:

  • High performance 32-bit ARM processor
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Will require either a Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W
  • Supports DMR, P-25, D-Star and System Fusion
  • Onboard LEDs to show status (Tx, Rx, PTT, Mode)
  • Up to 10mW RF power
  • SMA antenna connector, UHF antenna included
  • Mounts cleanly on all current Raspberry Pi’s including the Pi Zero
  • Works on ODROID boards
  • The firmware is pre-loaded and is easily upgraded via software.
  • Connections for Nextion LCD display and I2C displays
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Open source firmware (MMDVM) and board design
  • Open source 3D printable case available
  • 144 MHz, 220MHz and 900MHz versions to be released at a later date

The ZUMspot Pi Board Package Includes:

  • ZUMspot Pi UHF Board
  • UHF Antenna
  • Nylon Standoffs

** Requires Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W
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