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Analog Handheld Receiver 76-500Mhz Bluetooth FM Air

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Pre-Release Information ICOM IC-R15

The IC-R15 has NOT been formally been released by ICOM for sale in the United States. This is pre-release information only. This unit has not yet been approved by the FCC for sale in the US at this time

IC-R15 wideband receiver. Unveiled at the recent Tokyo Hamfair 2023, the IC-R15 was a surprise show for visitors, capturing their interest with its impressive design and range of features.

With simple operation and multi-functionality, even beginners can enjoy receiving various radio signals, such as aviation, railway, marine, and so on, with the IC-R15. Equipped with various functions, such as simultaneous receiving of two signals and high-speed scan, it will satisfy enthusiasts who have already enjoyed receiving radio signals. 

It covers frequency between 108 ~ 500 MHz in AM and FM modes and various bands like the Air, Railway, Marine, Amateur, and receiving FM Radio broadcasting. The Dualwatch function enables receiving multiple signals. While receiving on A Band, you can scan B Band, so you never miss a chance to capture signals. For example, it is possible to challenge more advanced aviation radio reception, such as the movements of two airplanes simultaneously, by establishing speedy and efficient listening.

Additionally, the IC-R15 has excellent visibility with a large color display that can display information like the broadcasting station, airport names, and so on. There are rich specifications and functions, including IPX7 waterproofing, independent keys for the Scan and Skip functions, high-speed scan of 150 channels per second, charging with a USB Type-C™ cable, and more.


  • Frequency coverage of 108 ~ 500 MHz in AM and FM modes and receiving FM Radio broadcasting
  • Simple Operation Mode supporting quick signal reception
  • Dualwatch function supporting more effective reception
  • Excellent visibility with a large color display
  • Built-in recording function that enables simultaneous recording of two signals
  • Audio Saving on a microSD Card in the WAV format
  • IPX7*¹ waterproofing and pro-grade construction
  • Built-in Bluetooth® function
  • Separate keys for the Scan and Skip functions
  • 13 hours of operation with*² the supplied BP-287 battery
  • Charging with a USB Type-C™ cable
  • High-speed scan of 150 channels per second

*¹ Submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes 
*² In AF 10% distortion and connected external speaker (8 Ω load)

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