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Folded Dipole Center Mounting Kit

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The FDMK mounting kit allows easy permanent or pulley mounting of our line of folded dipole antennas to your center support system. This kit consists of a support system and ancillary items to mount the antennas in a three support installation. This includes horizontal (flat-top) or inverted Vee. The mount is versatile, allowing attachment to poles, masts, trees, towers, or free hanging from a rope. This kit is NOT required for two pole horizontal or two pole sloper installations. All materials are manufactured for a long outdoor life, with use of UV stabilized thermoplastics, and stainless steel hardware. The kit includes a thermoplastic support system, clamps for the balun and balancing network, a weather resistant swivel eye pulley, 100 feet of rope, and hardware. The rope supplied is 3/16-inch polyester diamond braid, which will not stretch, rot, or degrade under UV.