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Palomar Engineers RFI-HTS

Palomar Engineers RFI-HTS

Consumer Electronics RFI Filter For Home Theater/Audio/Video Systems

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Consumer Electronics RFI Filters For Home Theater/Audio/Video Systems

RFI Suppression Range (MHz): 1 to 300 MHz
# Ferrite Filters: 12
Typical Use: AC power lines, Audio/Video/Ethernet cables

The RFI-HTS kit is specifically designed to cure most home theater/audio/video systems triggered by Radio Frequency Interference problems generated by AM/FM, CB and Ham radio transmitters or other consumer electronic devices. The ferrites are easy to use, don’t require modification of the protected equipment and work in almost all cases.

What is included in the kit?

The RFI-HTS kit contains a selection of ferrites for 4 AC powered units such as cable/satellite box, HDTV, amplifier system, DVD/Blue Ray player and powered sub-woofer. RFI at lower frequencies typically comes through the AC power lines acting as "antennas" picking up the interference signal and these ferrite compositions have been specifically selected to suppress this interference. Also included are Snap-on ferrites in 1/2" (4) and 3/8" (4) inside diameter size to accommodate various interconnect and speaker wires. An instruction sheet is included with typical installation examples.
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