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Palomar Engineers FSB31-1/2-10

Palomar Engineers FSB31-1/2-10

Ferrite Snap On beads (1/2" ID - Most Popular)

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Ferrite Snap On beads (1/2” ID – most popular)

RFI Range: 1-300 MHz
# Ferrite Filters: 10 total – ½”ID (10)
Max cable size - in/mm: .5/12.7
OD (A) - in/mm: 1.22/31
ID (B) - in/mm: .514/13.1
Length (C) - in/mm: 1.55/5

Bulk pack of 10 ferrite snap on beads - Very useful for AC/DC power, coax cable common mode current suppression. For highest choking resistance, wrap cable through center of ring as many turns as possible.
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