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Palomar Engineers FRCP-240-10
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Palomar Engineers FRCP-240-10

Multi Range Ferrite Ring Combo Pack

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Multi Range Ferrite Ring Combo Pack

The Ferrite Ring Combo Pack is a convenient solution for troubleshooting RFI/EMI from unknown frequencies or multiple frequencies that require multiple suppression mixes. Included in this combo pack are ten 2.4" OD/1.4" ID ring toroids as follows:
  • Mix 77 effective from .1-10 MHz including AM Broadcast band . quantity: 3
  • Mix 31 effective from 1-300 MHz for general purpose . quantity: 4
  • Mix 61 effective from 200-2000 MHz for cell phone, WIFI, HDTV, Cable TV interference . quantity: 3
  • The ring toroids are useful for AC/DC common mode choking with multiple turns
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