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COMPACtenna COMPACtenna CB/2M/440
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COMPACtenna COMPACtenna CB/2M/440

11M/2M/440 20 In. High Performance CB/HAM Radio Antenna

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2 Meters, 440 and CB Radio - Only 20 Inches Tall!!

And works well with a small Ground Plane/Counterpoise Meets the NEED for High Performance in Limited Spaces

By using a small flat metal sheet or mesh which is only about 3’ X 3’ that the antenna is mounted to, good (V)SWR’s and performance result with the COMPACtenna Model CB/2M/440.

  • [Note: For standard type technology antennas, this small size ground plane would typically be quite inadequate for the CB band, potentially resulting not only in poor (V)SWR but also RF on the outside of the coaxial shield coming back down toward the radio. This is undesirable for a number of reasons including unpredictable signal patterns with the outside of the shield of the coax acting as a poor counterpoise radiator, as well as noise, and transceiver/amplifier possible concerns.]

Unique Magnetic Field Resonator (Less Receiver Noise), Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Design

Superior Science Performance in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) Obstructed Environments

  • Examples such as due to buildings, hills, in valley location, indoor installation.

This provides for a Unique Low Cost Easy Installation Base Station Antenna in an attic as well as a variety of limited-space locations.

Power Rating: 100 Watts HF, 85 Watts 2M; 50 Watts 440

  • [Duty Cycle at max. power rating: Maximum total transmit time of 1 minute in any 3 minute period. Hotter conditions such as higher ambient temperature, sun exposure, lesser air flow, etc. decrease duty cycle.]

Gain: Unity

  • [Due to its Unique Science, Performance is greater than predicted based on gain alone in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) environments which is the world we live in .]

(V)SWR: Nominal < 2:1 27 - 27.4 MHz (CB 11-Meter Band); 144-148 MHz (2 Meter Band); 420-450 MHz (440 Band)

Each Antenna quality tested.
[Design and specifications subject to change without notice.]
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