ZUM Radio Bluetooth Adapter For iOS

ZUM Radio Bluetooth Adapter For iOS

Bluetooth Adapter For iOS

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iOS USB and Bluetooth Host Board for ZUMspot Board iOS


  • Same form factor as Raspberry Pi Zero board including two micro USB connectors, one for 5V power and the other to connect to computer/tablet (genuine FTDI chip used)
  • Automatically switches between two USB connectors
  • No clumsy switch needed to change modes
  • All switching done in hardware, no firmware updates needed
  • Power via PWR USB connector enables Bluetooth connection to the ZUMspot
  • Connection to PC via USB connector enables UART connection to the ZUMspot
  • Supported by MMDVMHost or BlueDV for Windows
  • Can use the same enclosures as ZUMspot with Pi Zero
  • Supported Protocols
  • DSTAR ( DEXTRA, DPLUS, DCS ) - May need to double tap the word "Status" at the bottom of the screen to enable DSTAR!
  • DMR ( Brandmeister, DMR+ )


Click Here To Download The iOS Instruction Guide

Click Here To Download The BlueDV Host For Windows Instruction Guide


iOS Software Available From the iTunes Store:

BlueDV for Windows Available From:

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