COMPACtenna COMPACtenna 6M/2M/440
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COMPACtenna COMPACtenna 6M/2M/440

20 Inch 6 Meters + 2 Meters + 440 Ham Radio Antenna

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6 Meter Band! Only 20" tall! PLUS The 2 Meter and 440 Bands!


Meets the NEED for High Performance in Limited Spaces And works well with a small Ground Plane/Counterpoise

By using a small flat metal sheet or mesh which is only about 3’ X 3’ that the antenna is mounted to, good (V)SWR and performance result with the COMPACtenna Model 6M/2M/440.
[Note: For standard type technology antennas, this small size ground plane would typically be quite inadequate for the 6 Meter band, potentially resulting not only in poor (V)SWR but also RF on the outside of the coaxial shield coming back down toward the radio. This is undesirable for a number of reasons including unpredictable signal patterns with the outside of the shield of the coax acting as a poor counterpoise radiator, as well as noise, and transceiver/amplifier possible concerns.]

Unique Magnetic Field Resonator (Less Receiver Noise), Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Design Superior Science Performance in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) Obstructed Environments such as due to buildings, hills, in valley location, indoor installation.

This provides for a Unique Low Cost Easy Installation Base Station Antenna in an attic as well as a variety of limited-space locations.


POWER RATING: 100 Watts 6M, 85 Watts 2M; 50 Watts 440
[Duty Cycle at max. power rating: Maximum total transmit time of 1 minute in any 3 minute period. Hotter conditions such as higher ambient temperature, sun exposure, lesser air flow, etc. decrease duty cycle.]
GAIN: Unity
[Due to its Unique Science, Performance is greater than predicted based on gain alone in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) environments which is the world we live in .]
(V)SWR: Nominal < 2:1 51 - 53 MHz, easily tunable with your tuner 50-54 MHz (6 Meter Band); 144-148 MHz (2 Meter Band); 420-450 MHz (440 Band)
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