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Shark Distributing Inc S-FM80

Shark Distributing Inc S-FM80

80 Meters - 76 Inches Total - Black Fiberglass Adjustable (Removable) Stainless Steel Whip + Freight

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The Shark FM "Mini" Series of Single Band Antennas are convenient for HF operation on the road. Each American Made Antenna covers a Single HF Band with a Power Rating of 250 Watts P.E.P.

Each Antenna features a Black Fiberglass Lower Section with Integral Coil and an Adjustable (Removable) Stainless Steel Whip. The Allen Wrench is also included. The base of the antenna element is a 3/8 inch X 24 thread. The color of these antennas is Black. These antennas do not include the mount or coax.

For a complete set of our most popular bands, please purchase the S-F 5MS. The S-F 5MS is a Set of Five (5) Mini HF Antennas for 10-15-20-40-75 Meters Bundled in One Package

** Note:

  • The SF-Series is a full sized antenna that can go over 80 inches when fully extended on 75m and is rated at 500W.  The SF-M Series is "Mini" and the fiberglass portion is only about half the size of the regular versions except on 75 where it's 34 inches.  The overall height is at least 10 inches less than the full sized ones and the Power Rating is only 250 Watts P.E.P.
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