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Shark Distributing Inc S-F12
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Shark Distributing Inc S-F12

12 Meters - 44 In Black Fiberglass Lower & Adjustable (Removable) Stainless Steel Whip

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The Shark Single Band Antenna Represent an Economical Solution to Mobile HF Operation. Each American Made Antenna covers a Single HF Band with a Power Rating of 250 Watts P.E.P.

Each Antenna features a 44 Inch Black Fiberglass Lower Section with Integral Coil and an Adjustable (Removable) 4 Foot Stainless Steel Whip. The base of the antenna element is a 3/8 inch X 24 thread. The color of these antennas is Black. These antennas do not include the mount or coax.

For a complete set of our most popular bands, please purchase the S-F 5S. The S-F 5S is a Set of Five (5) HF Antennas for 10-15-20-40-75 Meters bundled in one package.

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