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Lido Radio Products LM-Wedge
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Lido Radio Products LM-Wedge

Wedge Mount - Plastic device holder wedges between seat and console

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Plastic device holder wedges between seat and console. 

Adjustable viewing angle, provides multiple options for installing two devices: 

Mobile Radio Remote Head, HT, Microphone (Cell phone attaches with the optional LM-H holder) in any combination you prefer.


  • Plastic wedge device holder slips between the seat and console, adjustable spacers compensate for the space available
  • Adjustable ball and socket stem adjusts the viewing angle of the devices attached
  • Extension plate allows for multiple devices to be attached using optional Lido adapters, mounts, etc. Adjusts to vertical or horizontal position

The LM-WEDGE comes with adapters and parts to attach multiple devices to the extension plate.

To mount a mobile display head, you will need the remote kit from the manufacturer, use the holes in the extension plate to attach the display bracket for your particular radio.

You may need to adapt the hole pattern in the remote kit bracket to match the LM-WEDGE hole pattern.

If your Icom or Yaesu has a threaded hole in the remote kit, you can order the LM-AD1 adapter kit sold separately.

LM-EXT-01 extension plate/adapter kit is included.

  • The extension plate attaches to the LM-WEDGE (or any LIDO device holder) with the LM-2T T-socket adapter.
  • Two LM-2TM T-post adapters are included.
  • Two LM-EXP-01 mic and HT adapters are included.
  • Other Lido mounts can also be attached to the T-posts as needed.
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Optional 4.5" extension arm for 17mm ball (LM-WEDGE Mount and LM-802)