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17 Inch Magnetic Mount 25 - 1300 MHz Antenna - 12 Foot Cable with SMA - Receive Only - Not for TX

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These small, light-weight, unobtrusive antenna are perfect for those who want good quality wide-band reception characteristics in an antenna that most will mistake for a cell-phone antenna. Yet, these antennas are not glass mount. These are mag-mount with a tiny base of around 1.5" in diameter. The unique design includes a powerful magnet and 5-prong lip that protrudes from the base to help stabilize the antenna and allow it to stick to your car even at high speeds. A thin RG-174 cable, 12 feet in length, runs into the car (you can shut your car door on it if you wish). The antennas pop easily off a car or truck when removed by hand. The antenna is 17" tall. Great all-band performance at an amazingly inexpensive price.

This antenna is great for moving between cars, taking on short trips, and for packing in a suitcase and using on a rental car.

  • Covers 25-1300 MHz -Height 17" including base
  • Includes 12' of RG-174 coax with SMA connector to fit most scanners
  • Unique 5 prong mini-magnet base. Grips the antenna to your car even at high speed
  • Easy-on, easy-off. Small size makes it perfect for traveling, rental cars and more
  • Great for placing outdoors to improve home/office scanner reception
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