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Lido Radio Products LM-300HD
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Lido Radio Products LM-300HD

HEAVY-DUTY seat bolt mount, w/ LM-2T AMPS plate, 22" height

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  • Heavy-Duty, stable, seat bolt mount. The arm terminates
    in a double T-post to accept Lido type device holders and
    comes with a the LM-2T AMPS plate to accept remote display
    head kits.
  • Adjustable arm reaches up to 22”, and can be adjusted to
    various angles for the best view and folded when not in use
  • Several mounting hardware options are included to match
    your particular vehicles seat bolt and track style. Loosen
    the seat track bolt, slip the adapter under the bolt head,
    and re-tighten the seat bolt
  • Microphone holders are not included but can be purchased
    separately and attached to the arm if desired (LM-
    1000EXP for button type, add the LM-1201 to the LM-1000EXP for hook
    type microphones.

You will typically need your particular radios
remote display head bracket to attach to the 4-
hole AMPS plate included.

You may need to adapt the hole pattern in the
remote kit bracket to match the AMPS plate
hole pattern.

If your Icom or Yaesu has a threaded hole in
the remote kit, you can order the LM-AD1
adapter kit shown below and sold separately.

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