9.5 Inch High Performance SCANNER RADIO Antenna (100 - 1500 MHz)

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Compact High Performance SCANNER RADIO Antenna (100 - 1500 MHz)

Optimized for 3 Wide Frequency Bands:

  • VHF 136 - 174 MHz
  • UHF 378 - 512 MHz
  • 750 - 960 MHz

Antenna Type:

  • Unique Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Patented Design
    Reliable leaf spring style NMO connector on antenna for standard center-stud style NMO mounts
  • As a receiving antenna, model SCAN-III performs excellently at any position on metal roof/trunk lid/fender.

Product Narrative:

  • Small Rugged Antenna with High Performance
  • Superior Science Performance with Vehicle Location Changes and Movement
  • Superior Science Performance in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) Obstructed Environments such as behind buildings, in garages, behind other vehicles, under overhangs, and in valleys

System Applications:

  • Digital & Analog - Optimized for Public Service-Safety/Govt Frequency Bands
    Police, Fire, Sheriff, Emergency Medical, State Highway Patrol, Homeland Security, U.S. Federal, Military
  • Superior Performance in a small antenna


Gain: Nominal 3(+) dBi

  • [Performance is greater than predicted based on gain alone in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight)
    environments which is the world we live in .]

Base Station Antenna:

  • This revolutionary antenna may also be used as a High Performance Compact Base Station antenna with such as the rugged Larsen BSAKIT Base Station Conversion Kit. For best performance angle (bend) the ground plane radials downward 70 degrees below the horizon.

Each Antenna quality tested.
[Design and specifications subject to change without notice.]

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