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SSB-Electronic GmbH 1025

SSB-Electronic GmbH 1025

DCW 2004 B Sequencer 6m 2m 70cm

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The remotely powered DCW 2004 B Sequencer allows comfortable remote coupling of SSB Electronics' preamplifiers via the coaxial cable; it also provides for delayed switching of linear amplifiers. The sequential operation of the DCW 2004 B reliably avoids damage to the preamplifier that may be caused by spikes during switching. It offers 3 switching outputs in total, which have ascending delay times. So not only linear amplifiers but other devices, like transverters, can be switched on with defined delay times. The PTT switching input of the DCW 2004 B accepts a closure to ground or a + 5 to +12 VDC line. The preamplifier and a linear amplifier (if used) can be switched on or off as required.