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SSB-Electronic GmbH 1032

SSB-Electronic GmbH 1032

DBA 270 Duo-Band-Preamp. 2m + 70cm

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The Dual Band Mast-Mounted DBA-270 Preamplifier is the ultimate 2 Meter & 70 cm combo preamplifier for those stations running a single dual band antenna. Due to its built-in Diplexer only one connection to a dual band antenna is required; as well, only one coaxial cable needs to be connected to the transceiver. The maximum RF power handling is 100 Watts in the RF Sensed mode (Automatic Switching out of line when RF is detected) and 200 Watts when running a sequencer. The DBA-270 offers direct feeding of the required 13.8 VDC via the SO-239 DC feed socket as well as remote feeding via the coaxial cable. Many of the current transceivers will via a menu option inject 13.8 VDC on the coaxial cable during receive and drop the VDC on transmit. Should this feature not be available with your transceiver, remote feeding of the preamplifier can be accomplished by using the SSB Electronic DCC-5000PRO bias-t or DCW2000B/HP sequencing system. N-Female Connectors are standard for the Antenna & Transceiver interface.