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SSB-Electronic GmbH 1041

SSB-Electronic GmbH 1041

LNA 5000 Broad-band pre-amp. up to 5 GHz

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The LNA 5000 is a broadband amplifier that is protected against destruction by electrostatic discharge with a amplitude limiter at the input. A modern MMIC on a low-loss ceramic microwave substrate enables a low noise figure and sufficient amplification over a bandwidth of over 5 GHz. With almost the same noise figure, the large signal behavior of the LNA 5000 was significantly improved compared to the previous LNA 5000. The input IP values, which determine the large signal strength, have been improved by around 20dB (!) compared to the previous version. This classifies the LNA 5000 as an all-round amplifier for numerous
applications, whether as a preamplifier for scanners, receivers or to improve the sensitivity of measurement systems. It can also be used as a small power amplifier with a PEP output of 160 mW @ 30 dB IMA 3. The amlifier may be fed directly via UHF socket or remotely via the coaxial cable and the remote powering coupler DCC 5000 pro (item.No. 1040).


Mount the preamplifier directly to the mast with the included clamps. The N-sockets should point downwards. Connect the preamp input (socket „ANT“) via the shortest possible coaxial cable to your antenna. Please choose a low-loss coaxial cable only. We recommend our cables AIRCOM PREMIUM or ECOFLEX 10. Subsequently, connect the coaxial cable going to the receiver to the socket „TRX“. If you feed the preamp via the coaxial cable from antenna input of the RX, the mounting process is finished already. In case of direct feeding via the UHF socket it is absolutely necessary to use a shielded cable, f.e. Aircell 7. The inner conductor has to be connected to the Plus (+) pole, the shielding to the Minus (-) pole. This cable will be connected to the UHF socket of the preamp by a commonly used UHFconnector.

Technical Data:

  • Frequency Range: 50 - 5000 MHz
  • Amplification / Noise Figure:
    • @ 50 MHz 18/2.3 dB
    • @145 MHz 16/2.0 dB
    • @432 MHz 16/2.2 dB
    • @1300 MHz 15/2.3 dB
    • @2400 MHz 11/2.8 dB

  • Connection Norm: N – socket
  • DC Input: UHF - socket
  • Operating Voltage: 8 V – 14 V
  • Current Consumption: Typ. 165 mA
  • Mast Diameter: Max. 58 mm