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SSB-Electronic GmbH 1036-NF

SSB-Electronic GmbH 1036-NF

SP 600 Preamp Switchable 51 MHz

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Based on the legacy of the famous SP-6, SP-2000, SP-222, SP-7000, SP-903, SP-23, and SP-13 preamplifiers, SSB Electronic is proud to introduce the SP-600, part of a new generation of Ultra Low Noise Mast-Mounted RF Sense (VOX) preamplifiers. The new SP 600 preamplifier features 0.4 dB noise figures, RF-sensed operation up to 100 Watts, high power capability up to 750 Watts with the SSB Electronic DCW2004B sequencer, input bandpass filter, adjustable gain 10 - 20 dB, as well voltage feed via the coax cable or via a separate feed. N-Female connectors are featured for RF-In/RF/out as well as an SO239 connector for separate voltage feed.