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SSB-Electronic GmbH 1037-NF

SSB-Electronic GmbH 1037-NF

SP 70 Preamp Switchable 435 MHz

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The SP 70 is a selective receive preamplifier for the 70 cm amateur radio band with transmit / receive switching. It offers adjustable gain, low noise and good large-signal response. Adding cable and plug losses to the noise figure of the transceiver will surprise you with how fast 8 dB or more of the total system noise can be achieved. The use of this preamplifier makes this calculation unnecessary. The overall noise level of the receiving system is abruptly reduced to about 1 dB when using this preamplifier. An improvement that can be clearly perceived. It is important that it can be turned off even when receiving, if it comes to overdriving the receiver with very strong input signals. At low transmission powers of up to 100 W, the transmission / reception switching can take place with permanent power supply to the amplifier by means of a built-in, fast-reacting HF VOX circuit. The operating voltage (13.8 V) can be supplied directly via the DC socket or via remote power supply via the coaxial cable and the TRX socket. For larger transmission powers, the use of a sequencer for the correct control of the transmission / reception switching of the entire system is necessary. This amplifier is built with a GaAs MMIC of the latest technology on high quality microwave substrate in SMD technology. The band pass at the output of the amplifier ensures good band selection, so that all signals that lie outside the useful band are effectively suppressed. The amplifier has a UV-resistant plastic housing that protects against splashing water and galvanized mast clamps with stainless steel screws for attachment to the antenna mast.

Technical data SP 70
Frequency range: 430-440 MHz
Noise figure (20°C, NF): 1,0 dB
Gain (+/-1%) (S21): 13-22 dB
Max. switching capacity with RF VOX: 200 W PEP
100 W CW, FM, WSJT, FT8
Transferable power when using a sequencer: 500 W PEP
300 W CW, FM, WSJT, FT8
Insertion loss: 0,15 dB
Return loss when transmitter is active: 35 dB
Input return loss (S11): 4,2 dB
Output return loss (S22): 26 dB
Output IP3: 20 dBm
Input IP3: -2 dBm
Supply voltage: 12V - 15 V
Current consumption: 330 mA
Mast diameter: max. 58 mm
Weight: 760 g

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