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SSB-Electronic GmbH 1062-NF

SSB-Electronic GmbH 1062-NF

MHP 200 Preamp. HPS 145 MHz

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This new series of MHP Mast Mounted Preamplifiers continue the legacy of the famous SSB Electronic MHP-145 high power preamplifier. The MHP 200 features 0.25 dB Noise Figure with 24 dB gain, and a high power ratings of 1500 Watts PEP, and voltage feed via a separate cable to the SO239 socket (R model). Unlike other preamplifiers on the market, all SSB Electronic preamplifier models include bandpass filters to keep out-of-band signals from degrading your receive system. All MHP models require the use of a Sequence Controller such as the new 4 Step High Power DCW2004B/HP sequencer / Bias-T voltage injector. Use of the SSB Electronic Sequence Controller ensures that the preamplifier is switched out of line before the linear amplifier is enabled, thus preventing hot switching. The sequencer allows the preamplifier to be switched out of line and then provides 3 additional sequence steps to key your linear amplifier, transverter, or radio. To accommodate all types of radios, the DCW2004B/HP sequencer can be keyed via a ground on Tx or +VDC on Tx.