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Unified Microsystems BevFlex-4X

Unified Microsystems BevFlex-4X

Low Band Antenna System

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Introducing the BevFlex-4X

The most versatile low band receive antenna system ever!

The BevFlex-4X is the latest version of W8GNM’s revolutionary BevFlex design for low band, low noise receive antennas. This unique system uses low cost, low loss, RG-6 coax for both the antenna elements and feedline functions. The result is the most versatile system ever.

You can configure it as:

  • Elevated Beverage
  • Beverage on Ground (BOG)
  • EWE
  • Flag
  • VE3DO

Instead of resistive termination, the BevFlex-4X uses specially designed transformers that use the antenna sections as part of the feed line. This provides these advantages:

  • You can feed the Beverage/BOG configurations at any point instead of only from the ends while using the entire antenna length
  • All configurations can be switched to the reverse direction. Install two BevFlex-4X systems at right angles to cover all four quadrants!

BevFlex-4x System Components:

  • Terminator Units (Two per system) – These are special transformers that convert the impedance of the antenna configuration to 75Ω and inject the received signals into the coax. Since the system is symmetrical, signals from both directions are available.
  • Feed Unit – This splits out the signals from both directions and directs them to RG-6 feed lines back to the shack.
  • Control Switch Unit – This selects the direction and resistively terminates the opposite one, so it does not affect the selected direction pattern.

The Terminal and Feed Units are housed in NEMA rated enclosures and use stainless steel hardware for maximum weather protection.

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