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West Mountain Super Booster #58515-1777

West Mountain Super Booster #58515-1777

N8XJK Super Battery Booster #58515-1777

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West Mountain Radio has brought back the popular TG Electronics Booster! This unit will help you get the most life out of your battery.

This model is an improvement on a design that has been widely used in Amateur radio for more than 15 years.

The Super Booster was specially designed for use with a Ham Radio.

When the voltage from a battery drops, the Super Booster brings it up to a level that allows for optimal transmit. The output level can be set by a trimmer pot to any value up to 15V. The advantage of using the Super Booster is that a Lead Acid battery is rated in Amp-Hours for use down to 10.5V. However, radios require at least 11.7V to transmit. That results in over one-third of amp-hours in the battery cannot be used for transmit without a booster.

For example, when doing 100W SSB with a 74AH battery (car size) allows for 10 hours continuous transmit. When using the Super Booster, the result is at least 15 hours of continuous transmit. Even at the last amp-hour of the battery's life, there is 10.5V and at least 11.7V to the radio. Transmitters tend to be more efficient at higher voltages, therefore there is additional savings by using, for example, 14.5V.

Booster Remote
Note: This item is sold separately.

The Booster Remote control/monitor unit is a compact remote head that monitors input/output voltage, as well as error conditions like over-voltage and over heating.

Super Booster readily accommodates the remote control or to connect units in parallel to achieve 80A or 120A.


High Power

  • Draws up to 40A from the battery
  • Connect units in parallel for 80A and 120A

Quiet, Thermally Controlled Fan

  • Allows for operation at max current continuously

Adjustable RF Enable Delay

  • When RF input is used provides smooth transmissions

Other Great Features Include...

  • Low voltage shut-off with LED indicator
  • Extremely low RFI
  • Switch for Boost, No Boost, or Auto when RF detected
  • Optional Booster Remote control/monitor unit
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