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Palomar Engineers BAS-71

Palomar Engineers BAS-71

71' Bullet End Fed - 80-6 Meters Antenna 500W Counterpoise Kit & Choke

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Need a high performance, multi-band (80-6 meters), stealthy antenna system that is easy to setup and use?

You get the Bullet™ matching unit, 71 feet of antenna wire, the antenna counterpoise kit and a feed line choke all in one convenient package (great for HOA restricted areas, camping and portable operations, etc.). Just add coax and you are on the air!

One of the most popular antennas today is the end fed due to it ease of installation, portability and stealth in various installations. It can be a condo dweller’s only access to the world of ham radio or the best alternative for a backpacking SOTA (Summits on the Air) mountaintop expedition.

The antenna is simple to deploy, folds up easily for transport, and weighs under a pound, yet, with the 71 foot included wire, can work the 80-10 meter bands easily with the built in antenna tuner of most current day transceivers.

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