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Palomar Engineers CU-1-5000SO

Palomar Engineers CU-1-5000SO

1:1, 5KW, 1.8-61 MHz Cube Unun/Choke

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The CU-1-5000SO is a high power UNUN which utilizes mil-spec coax cable for the windings on an extra large core toroid with coax silver shield and silver braid for low loss. The dielectric is Teflon® insulation for high voltage ratings of 1,900 volts. (A typical 5KW signal at 50 ohms impedance will have a voltage of 500 volts at 1:1 SWR. Rated 5KW PEP/1500 Watts AM/RTTY/CW from 1.8-30 Mhz, less at 50 Mhz.

If you run RTTY contests or FT8 at 1500 watts output, this is the unun you need – it won’t burn out at heavy 1500 watt duty cycles like other brands rated at 1500 watts (or more). Built like a tank, works like a charm, and priced under the competition – what more can you ask for? THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR UNUN!

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