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Powerwerx PanelUSB-Blue

Powerwerx PanelUSB-Blue

Backlit Blue Panel Mount Dual USB 4.2A Fast Device Charger 12/24V Systems

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Connects to any 9-32 volt DC power input via rear mounted F2 (blade type) connections. Ideal for any vehicles including: cars, buses, RV's and Marine applications. Automatically converts the output to the industry standard, 5 volts USB which is compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android and more.

  • Charges at the speed required by specific devices
  • Backlit USB ports help make connections in the dark
  • Protective dust cap keeps debris and moisture out
  • Mounts in a common 1 1/8" size hole
  • Input Voltage Range: 9-32 VDC @ 1.7A max
  • Input Connection: + & - Rear mounted blade type connectors for 12/24V DC input
  • Output Voltage (USB): 5V DC +/- 5%
  • Standby Current Draw: 10mA (when not in use)
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Compatible with most mobile devices including Apple and Android products
  • Unit Color: Black
  • Backlit Color: Cool Blue
  • Recommend Installation: Use IFH-18-02 inline blade fuse holder with 3A fuse on the positive input
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