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Iambic Keyer Paddle BY1 Black Chrome Base

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The World Famous Bencher BY-1 Iambic Paddle is now available in Black Chrome!

The exact same iambic paddle as the BY-1, the BY-1B features a Gorgeous Black Chrome Base instead of black powdercoating.


  • Dual-Lever Iambic Paddle
  • Adjustable Contact Spacing and Tension
  • Self-Adjusting Needle Bearings
  • Gold-Plated Solid Silver Contacts
  • Polished Clear Lucite Paddles
  • Heavy-Steel Base
  • Non-Skid Feet
  • The main frame, contact post, and bearing ring are machined from solid brass
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Friction-Free Return
  • Perfect Closure on every Dot and Dash
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