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bhi Ltd EQ20B-DSP

bhi Ltd EQ20B-DSP

bhi ParaPro EQ20 Parametric Equalizer With Bluetooth

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Greatly Improved Audio For Those With Hearing Loss

“Easy-to-use device that improves the audio clarity of amateur signals” EQ20B-DSP QST Dec
2019 review

The bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP 20 watt audio unit comes with parametric equalisation and bhi's world-class DSP noise cancelling technology. The parametric equalisation allows you to fine-tune the sound of your audio and boost or cut the frequencies to suit your own hearing and conditions. 

Latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology:

The EQ20-DSP unit features a 10W per channel audio amplifier with parametric equalisation. The EQ20-DSP utilises a powerful high-performance audio processing system and the unique DSP noise cancelling algorithm is able to distinguish speech from the noise across the whole audio bandwidth. This result is clear intelligible speech under most conditions making your listening experience much more enjoyable..

Mono or stereo inputs:

You can connect one or two mono inputs to the CH1 and CH2 input sockets, or a single stereo signal from an SDR radio, shortwave receiver, MP3 player etc, via the 3.5mm stereo input socket.

Choice of outputs and connections:

Connect one or two passive speakers to the left and right “Speaker Outputs” using the 4mm banana plugs or phono to 3.5mm mono adapters supplied. Use the “Source Select” button on the front panel to select the desired audio.

Easy to use controls:

The EQ20-DSP is housed in a quality compact ABS case. There are controls for Power/Volume along with two parametric equaliser channels labelled Bass and Treble, with the Bass centre frequency being adjustable from 100Hz to1kHz and Treble covering 1kHz to 10kHz. Used together these controls provide two bands of ±10dB adjustment from 100Hz through to10kHz. bhi DSP noise cancelling. The bhi noise filter control allows you to adjust the filter level from off (DSP bypassed) to 40dB of noise cancellation.

Benefits of Parametric Equalisation:

Unlike standard tone control, graphic equalisation and preset EQ settings a parametric equaliser allows you to select the precise frequency you want to adjust. This enables you to boost or cut the selected frequency giving you much greater flexibility and accuracy in setting the audio to suit your own hearing. This is especially beneficial to people with hearing loss.


  • Parametric equalisation on all units for precise audio adjustment
  • 10W audio per channel
  • Class-D type audio amplifier for power efficiency and eliminate the need for bulky heatsinking
  • Ultra low latency of 38mS
  • bhi DSP noise cancelling on EQ20-DSP & EQ20B-DSP versions
  • Two separate 3.5mm mono audio inputs or a single stereo audio input
  • Simple control of all functions
  • Greatly benefits those with hearing loss
  • 4mm banana plug or RCA phono plug audio output connections
  • Signal input overload feature
  • Use with 4 or 8 ohm passive speakers
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone output (Class AB)
  • 12V DC operation (2A)
  • User manual and full accessory kit supplied
  • Dims: 145mm (W) x 75mm (H) X 100mm (D)
  • Use with powered speaker or an amplifier output stage with LLC1 accessory
  • Bluetooth connectivity on input side with EQ20B and EQ20B-DSP versions