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Xiegu GFZ-1
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Xiegu GFZ-1


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The GFZ-1 cooling bracket is an external Air-Cooled bracket designed for the Xiegu G90. This bracket is able to effectively reduce the shell temperature of G90 in use.

After the cooling bracket is connected to the power supply, the fan on it starts to rotate at a low speed and provides a relatively low air volume. When the sensor detects that the shell temperature is above 60C, the fan will automatically increase speed, increase the air supply volume, and speed up the cooling process.

Perfect Holder with Retractable Brackets: 

GFZ-1 is a perfect unique holder for the Xiegu G90. With compact size to save your space, the 2 stands of this holder can be easily retracted and stretched out for better cooling effect and meet your viewing angle need. A good helper for either using in the car or on the desk.

Fit & Stable: 

  • A specially designed model in Xiegu G90’s size. With 7 cushion pads to increase the friction and a metal buckle to secure the radio to the base, the GFZ-1 will protect and stabilize your RIG and make it steady enough for terrible road environment even in a truck or an SUV.

Auto Temperature Control: 

  • G90-H1 features automatically cooling function. The fan will rotate at a low speed after connected to the power supply. Monitored by a digital chip through a copper sheet, the temperature of your machine will be captured and the fan speed will change accordingly from 200 to 3000(r/min) to cool down your G90. When the sensor detects that the shell temperature is above 77F (25C), the fan will automatically speed up the cooling process.


  • Bracket supply voltage: 12~14.5V DC
  • Bracket Current Consumption: Max 150mA @ 12V
  • Fits: Xiegu G90 only


  • In order to improve the temperature detection accuracy of the sensor, please fasten the buckle of the bracket to make the body close to the sensor.
  • Note that the two external power interfaces on the left side of the bracket have the same function and both can supply power to the radio.
  • Please prepare the external Anderson power cord by yourself.

Package Content:

  • 1 x Xiegu GFZ-1
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