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EZ Hang Square Shot Ball Launcher Kit

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The EZ Hang Square Shot Ball Launcher Kit

Two Units in One for the Urban Ham.

  •  Easily clears a tree +60’ high with a Custom EZ Hang ball.

  •  Easily clears a tree 100’ high with a one ounce weight.

  •  Our quality-built patented design puts an end to your worries. about hitting your neighbor’s car or house.

  •  The EZ Hang Square Shot Ball Launcher Kit will have a soft landing every time.

- Don’t be fooled by others Claiming to go 220’ high

EZ Hang will do the job 
anywhereevery time.

EZ Hang's basic construction is a welded steel rod attached to a reel that is corrosion resistant plastic and stainless steel. The reel comes with 300 feet of 10-pound-test mono filament line installed, a quick disconnect clip to release the Custom EZ Hang ball and an easy-to-see "bright Green" 1-ounce. EZ Hang Custom cannon ball "bright Yellow" 1 ounce weights. The EZ Hang Square Shot Ball Launcher Kit comes withEZ Winder (intermediate line dispenser) that has 500' feet of orange braided line with a stakable handle to hold the dispenser upright, and the top pulls off for easy line dispensing. Five 1 ounce weights and clips. This Kit is a MUST HAVE If you are doing any type of close antenna work in a urban development or out in field, this New EZ Hang Square Shot Ball Launcher Kit is the tool for all your antenna work, without spending a lot of time, worry, and effort putting up your antennas.

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