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Deluxe Large Tripod HF-VHF Portable Antenna Go Bag Package

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MP1LXMAX SuperWhip - Deluxe Portable Tripod Antenna 80m-10m HF +2m VHF with Go Bags

THIS IS: The Deluxe Tripod Super Antenna Model MP1LXMAX, top-of-the-line setup:

  • All HF Bands 80m-6m and simultaneous VHF 2 Meter
  • Ruggedized Version MP1 SUPER ANTENNA
  • 80 & 60 METER COILs

This package includes entire emergency communications /portable /backpack /base /travel antenna system for Ham Radio. Operators who demand top performance choose MP1LXMAX for transmitting/receiving.


  • Vacation
  • Field Days
  • Backyard Outings

FREQUENCIES: ALL BANDS 80m, 75m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m, 6m, meters (3.5MHz to 30MHz tuning) plus simultaneous 2 meters (144 to 148 MHz) with a good SWR. Continuously tunes manually all frequencies Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, Shortwave, CB, and everything in between.

TUNING METHOD: Antenna tunes by calibrated manual slip of the SuperSlider Coil grip, with no need for external power, separate antenna tuner, or analyzer.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: MP1C Super Antenna + MC2 SuperPlexer 2 meter adapter + SW1 Titanium SuperWhip + TM4 Large Deluxe Tripod + UM3 SuperMount + SP3 SuperSpike + MC80 Coil + MC60 Coil + FG1 SWR Ruler + 2 Go Bags + Includes All Necessary Radial Sets: MR4010, MR8075, MR6060, MR642, MR2Y. Everything collapses down to pack into the stealth black Go Bag zip cases, with internal velcro pockets. Does not include coaxial cable or radio.

SIZE: Total extended height 12 feet (3.7m). Antenna Collapsed Size: 12" (30cm). Tripod Collapsed Size: 25" (64cm). Go Bag Size: 13"x9"x3.5" (33x23x9cm). Power Rating: 500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA. EFFICIENCY: Within 1dB of a full size quarter-wave vertical antenna on 20 meters (as measured by HFpack Shootout).

COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Amateur Radio transceivers. CONNECTOR: SO-239 (PL259 compatible 50 ohms).

GO BAG: 4.8 pounds (2kg) loaded weight.

TRIPOD GO BAG: 3 pounds (1.4kg) loaded weight.

FEATURES: New type of Dual Band HF + plus 2 meters antenna, with the MC2 SuperPlexer 2 meter adapter. The durable SuperWhip is an indestructible Titanium metal alloy, so flexible that it can be rolled up in an 12 inch diameter circle and stowed on the Go Bag. The TM4 Large Deluxe Tripod sets up on any surface. The UM3 SuperMount can also be used with the included SP3 SuperSpike for quick low-profile setup on the ground, lawn, or sand. Antenna requires manual HF tuning using included SuperSlider.

This is the model MP1LXMAX Super Antenna. It is the maximum HF-VHF top-of-the-line setup offered by Super Antenna, with everything ready to go in 2 Super Go Bags.

ANTENNA: The MP1C Antenna is at the heart of this high performance system with repeatable precision. The MC2 SuperPlexer 2 meter band adapter covers 144 MHz at any time while still operating HF. Set your desired HF frequency on the SuperSlider and start transmitting.

TUNING: A good SWR is dialed in on all HF bands and 2 meters, with no need for an autotuner.

  • Enjoy the freedom of all bands 80m/ 75m/ 60m/ 40m/ 30m/ 20m/ 17m/ 15m/ 12m/ 11m/ 10m /6m meters, *plus* Simultaneous 2 meter band on the same antenna.
  • Cover all HF frequencies 3.5MHz~30MHz and every frequency in between, plus VHF 144~148 MHz on the same antenna.

SUPERWHIP: The included SW1 SuperWhip ruggedized Titanium whip puts the Super Antenna in a durability class beyond any normal ham antenna.

TRIPOD: The collapsible TM4 Large Deluxe Tripod enables the antenna to be set up on any convenient surface, outdoors or indoors.

MOUNT: The UM3 Mount attaches to the Tripod or SuperSpike ground mounting stake for any portable or base situation.

RADIALS: Pre-tuned multi-length quarter-wave SuperWire Stealth Radial Sets with integral push-on connectors make it easy to cover the complete frequency range every time, without tweaking the radials.

FULL COVERAGE: The included MC80 and MC60 SuperCoils provide 80 meter, 75 meter, and 60 meter (5 MHz) bands.

GO BAG: The Stealth black carry case is a professional quality briefcase with velcro pockets for carrying Super Antenna gear.

Top operators reach for their Super Antenna when they need a solid, reliable, powerful, and compact system that goes anywhere. Antenna requires HF manual SWR tuning by the operator using included SuperSlider. Whether your needs are an expedition, carry-on, a balcony, a weekend get-away, or EmComm disaster relief... Get The Power Of A Super Antenna. A big signal in a small package.

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